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Buy PTC KSV4 v4.2 Script Life time License and Default Templates included

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Adhitz Code Added

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PTR emails Ads

Click exchange

Daily limit advertising

Targeted Country Advertising

Auto Surfing

EpayZal Payment Option

Skrill Payment option

OKPay Payment option

Paypal Payment option

Payza Payment option

Account funds payment option

solidtrustpay payment option

Adfund/Purchase Balance

PTC Duplicator

Mass Crediting

Message Center

Purchase, Referral contest

Admin stats are split into 2 pages

Edit admin members menu

Block Hack Attempts Ips

Track Referring Domains

Block Domains

Deny Traffic from Bad Referral URLs

Redesigned earnings page

Login Bonus

Login Ads

IP logins



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Specials Manager


PTP Contest

Number Of Cashouts Per Time Limit

Enable Days Between Cashouts

One Time $49 One Time $25 Only

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